Enroot PR has spent years forming and solidifying relationships with media sources all over the world in order to personally introduce their clients. An automated e-mail means nothing unless the person on the receiving end knows and recognizes who it is coming from. Enroot PR differentiates itself by reaching out to editors and writers of blogs, magazines, websites, e-zines, and mobile apps through direct social media channels and through in-person communication.

In order to be effective in communicating with bloggers and media representatives, one has to know what type of material that the blogger or media representative. Enroot PR utilizes an organizational method that keeps note of not only what the blogger or media representative covered but also where they are located and the locations they cover. By knowing this key information, Enroot PR is able to avoid appearing as spammy or aggravating and effectively deliver the right content to the right media source who then in turn conveys commentary about the artist, event, or music that interests their subscribers, readers, and followers.